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We can help you answer numerous inquiries about your work, finances, and marriage, among other things. Our Nadi Astrologer has a wealth of expertise and has assisted several individuals throughout the years. Established more than a century ago, our astrology center in Nadi has been providing accurate and reliable astrological services to people from all over the world.

With over 20 years of experience, our Shiva Nadi Jothidam astrology service has become a trusted source for individuals seeking guidance and insight in various aspects of their lives. From marriage and career to love, money, family, education, finance, health, and wealth, our astrologers use the ancient wisdom of Nadi Astrology to provide comprehensive and accurate readings to our clients.

Based in Vaitheeswaran Kovil, our center is one of the largest and most unique Nadi Astrology Centers in the world, offering a comprehensive range of astrological services to clients from all over. With our extensive experience and commitment to accuracy and authenticity, we strive to help our clients unlock the secrets of their destiny and live the life they were meant to live.

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Nadi Astrology
At our center, our authentic Nadi astrologers employ the rules of Nadi Astrology to make accurate predictions. You can trust our services to deliver reliable and long-lasting results.
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Homam & Pariharam
Remove life's obstacles caused by planetary positions with our personalized poojas, homas, and pariharams, expertly crafted to meet your specific needs
nadi astrology
Our highly skilled palmist brings a deep devotion to their craft, carefully analyzing each customer's hand to deliver accurate predictions.
nadi astrology
Horoscope Reading
Ensure a harmonious and blissful married life with our accurate horoscope matching service, specifically designed to assess the compatibility between bride and groom
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Vastu Shastra
Our talented vastu consultant combines technical expertise, scientific understanding, and spiritual insight to offer unparalleled guidance on spatial architecture.
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Gemstone Consultation
Our astrology experts use a thorough analysis of planetary positions, aspects, and strengths to determine the most suitable gemstones for each individual's ascendant.
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Live Reading

Get personalized predictions from an experienced Nadi astrologer, complete with a birth chart and audio recording, in an intimate one-on-one session

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Online Reading

Enjoy the comfort of receiving predictions from the comfort of your own home through either a video or audio call with our astrologer. An audio recording of the prediction will also be sent to your email for easy reference.

nadi jothidam in telugu
Swift Reading

For the convenience of our busy customers, we offer a quick and efficient way to receive predictions. Simply fill out the contact form and an audio recording of your predictions will be promptly delivered to your email

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Kandam -1

General Report

Provides a comprehensive overview of an individual's biographic information, including their name, family details (parents, siblings, spouse, children), and professional status.
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Kandam -2

Education & Wealth

Provides overview about Money, Eyes, Family, Education and Speech
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Kandam -3


Covers a range of details regarding family relationships, including the number of siblings, the level of affection and relationship dynamics with them, and aspects such as courage and hearing ability.
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Kandam -4

Influence of Mother

Gives predictions about important aspects of one's life, including information about their mother, home, vehicles, real estate, and sources of pleasure
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Kandam -5


Provide insight into the prospects for having children, including the timing and circumstances of their birth, the reasons for infertility, and the potential for remedial measures.
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Kandam -6

Diseases & Debt

This delivers information about the aspects of Disease, Debts Enemies and Court Cases.
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Kandam -7

Marriage Life

It gives insight about the Period of marriage, Reason for Delay in marriage, Name, Lagnam of bride or bridegroom Planetary positions
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Kandam -8

Life Span

This predictions includes vital information about longevity, potential danger to one's life through accidents, the specific age, month, date, day, time, star, rising sign, and location of one's eventual passing.
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Kandam -9

Father, Spirutuality

This delve into various aspects of one's relationship with their father, including their financial situation, likelihood of visiting temples, overall fortune, advice from spiritual leaders, and charitable endeavors.
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Kandam -10

Business & Profession

Provides valuable insight into one's professional prospects, including future prospects in their career or business, the likelihood of job or location changes, and the balance of positive and negative influences in their work life
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Kandam -11


Gives insights about Profits and second marriage.
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Kandam -12

Expenses, Foreign Visit

You can get info about Expenditure, Foreign Visit, Next Birth or Attainment of salvation.
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Kandam -13

Shanthi Kandam

You will get insights about Last birth, sins commited, remedial measures for getting rid of the effect of the past birth's sins
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Kandam -14

Deekshai Kandam

Provides detail about the Manthra jebam, wearing of Rakshai(Talismen) for avoidance of enemies, troubles etc.,
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Kandam -15

Aushadha Kandam

Delivers info about Medicines for long standing disease and methods of taking them
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Kandam -16

Disabukthi Kandam

This delves into the Prediction for the running Disa Bukthi(Major & Sub Period).

Our Nadi Reading Process

Discovering Your Life's Path with Accurate Nadi Readings

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Thumb Impression

Your thumb impression will be taken to check your destiny

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Locating the Palm Leaf

Our search begins to locate the right palm leaf that is applicable

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Content Translation

Once the palm leaf is located the content will be translated

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Finally the content in recorded in audio to refer in near future.



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Our clients are individuals seeking guidance, clarity, and insight into their lives. We have helped many clients navigate life's challenges through our astrology services. From personalized birth chart readings to in-depth consultations, we offer a range of services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

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