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Nadi Astrology

An ancient kind of astrology known as Nadi Astrology is practised in Southern India. Rashi, also known as Sun/Moon/Star signs, play a significant role in the practise of Nadi Astrology. The genuine Nadi readers we work with provide us with predictions in accordance with the tenets of Nadi Astrology. People may rely on our services for accurate and comprehensive forecasting in the long run. The Nadis in a human body are channels via which the passage of subtle energy occurs. At the level of the cosmos, hundreds of Nadis are connected to various celestial or heavenly objects that are associated with the Zodiac. Because great Indian sages were able to perceive each person's past, present, and future existence, they recorded this knowledge on the bark of trees and on palm leaves.

Homam & Pariharams

In addition to doing nadi readings, we also carry out parihara homas or poojas on behalf of clients who are unable to carry out the suggested pariharams or homas on their own. On your behalf, the homas or pariharams shall be carried out with a higher degree of spiritual purity and holiness. We help you with all of the required sorts of poojas, homas, and pariharam in order to eliminate any difficulties in your life that are connected to the placements of the planets.

By performing poojas and pariharams, we have alleviated the suffering of innumerable people by curing diseases that were previously considered incurable, removing obstacles, and illuminating their life with love and light. By calling upon the strength of your ancestry and performing time-honored vedic rituals, our parihara poojas may help you resolve and cure any problem that has arisen in either your personal or professional life. After the parihara poojas, we will also deliver prasadams to everyone of our customers located around the world.

birth chart reading astrologer

Reading someone's palm, which is more often referred to as palmistry, has a rich and distinguished history. It is a method of prediction that relies wholly and only on visible characteristics, such as the human body, hands, and palms. The palmist analyses the body as well as the hand in order to make forecasts about the future using the patterns that may be seen on the palm. The passion shown by our palm reader is deep and enduring. He pays close attention to the customer's hand and then draws precise inferences about the individual's private, social, and professional life based on what he observes.

Horoscope Reading

A horoscope is a celestial chart depicting the relative positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, ascendant, and midheaven signs of the zodiac at a particular period. It provides information about the current and forecasts future occurrences. Individual horoscopes generally depict the moment of birth and are used by astrologers for character analysis and future forecasting when paired with other astrological data. Horoscope matching for marriage is accurate and optimal for assessing the compatibility of the bride and groom for a happy and joyous married life.

birth chart reading astrologer
birth chart reading astrologer
Vastu Shastra

The writings of vaastu shastra describe the old Indian building system. These works describe the fundamentals of design, layout, measurements, groundwork, space organisation, and spatial geometry. The Sanskrit term vastu refers to a home or habitation with its own land. The term vrddhi, vastu, refers to "the position or foundation of a house, site, land, construction or residence, habitation, homestead, house."

We have a vastu consultant with extensive technological, scientific, and space architectural expertise.


Our wonderful planet is rich in minerals and jewels. These gems and crystals possess enigmatic qualities, therapeutic capabilities, and spiritual significance. These are also known as jewels or birthstones. They are either precious or semi-precious depending on their quality and price. Every planet, when coupled with a certain gemstone, helps to balance its impacts on humans. Gemstones have a unique importance in Vedic astrology, particularly for therapeutic reasons. Gemstones have been utilised for centuries to remedy issues caused by planetary placements. After thoroughly researching and scrutinising planetary placements, aspects, and their strengths, our astrological specialists arrive to a conclusion on ascendant-specific gemstones.

birth chart reading astrologer
birth chart reading astrologer

Numerology is a large and intriguing topic with many illogical traits and qualities. The enigmatic numbers seem to create patterns to communicate information in a coded or codified way, and they appear to have a common language. It contains, among other things, numerical patterns, classifications, mysticism, value-based systems, number combinations, numerical patterns, number definitions, and coincidences. Our numerology specialist has a practical grasp of all of these factors, as well as a multitude of additional nuances that contribute to more precise forecasts..

Our Nadi Reading Process

Discovering Your Life's Path with Accurate Nadi Readings

birth chart reading astrologer

Thumb Impression

Your thumb impression will be taken to check your destiny

nadi astrology chart

Locating the Palm Leaf

Our search begins to locate the right palm leaf that is applicable

nadi astrology chart

Content Translation

Once the palm leaf is located the content will be translated

nadi astrology chart


Finally the content in recorded in audio to refer in near future.

nadi astrology chart
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Live Reading

Get personalized predictions from an experienced Nadi astrologer, complete with a birth chart and audio recording, in an intimate one-on-one session

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Online Reading

Enjoy the comfort of receiving predictions from the comfort of your own home through either a video or audio call with our astrologer. An audio recording of the prediction will also be sent to your email for easy reference.

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Swift Reading

For the convenience of our busy customers, we offer a quick and efficient way to receive predictions. Simply fill out the contact form and an audio recording of your predictions will be promptly delivered to your email